Forever now

How an Atheist Neuroscientist Lost

Time and Found the Afterlife  

By Peter Cummings, M.D., with Tim Vandehey

In 2018, Peter Cummings was a husband, father and board-certified neuropathologist who spent his days teaching neuroanatomy. A student of philosophy and an atheist, thoughts of God and spirit rarely crossed his mind. Then he and his family went on a rafting trip in Costa Rica, where Peter fell into a Class IV rapid and drowned. But during the eight minutes his Apple Watch showed him to be in cardiac arrest, he had an extraordinary experience of peace, light, and love. Peter returned from his near-death experience with an altered experience of time, living in an eternal present with no sense of the past or future, and set out to discover the truth about what he had seen and felt. Was it real, or a trick of his dying brain? What he found contradicted everything his scientific training had taught him and left him convinced that the mind, the afterlife, and God are real. Forever Now is the surprising, scientifically rigorous, deeply moving story of one man’s quest for truth.